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Caltonic SA Drops Hotly Anticipated EP: Bass Play Effect Vol 1

Caltonic SA

For the past two years Caltonic SA has gone silent whilst sharpening and evolving his unique Amapiano style and sound with the hard lock drum that him only knows how to get it slamming and hitting every song he lays his hands on and turning it to a master piece while creating classics in a process as he has proven that with his master piece single titled Bambelela, which was released three years back and still a global Amapiano favourite single on high rotation and also a favourite tune to local and international DJs who made it an all-time club banger to date.

Mr Bass Play as Caltonic SA is known to his fans comes back with another extra ordinary EP which he self-titled Bass Play Effect Vol 1. Not just Caltonic SA coming hard on this one but he also featured young and fresh talent giving the EP fresh vibe and relevancy to a fast-evolving Amapiano genre.

Bass Play Effect Vol 1
Bass Play Effect Vol 1

This EP is just a teaser to Caltonic SA’s full album which he has been working on for the past two years and planning to release it this 2023 summer. Bass Play Effect is a 5 tracks EP which opens up with 2 instrumental tracks, first one titled “Shelela” a Zulu name meaning “slide” and track number 2 is titled “Predator” reflecting the activation of the Beast mode within him.

Caltonic SA deliberately left the first 2 tracks as instrumentals so that no vocals will interfere with the feel of the hard and dark sound he projected on the songs which takes your soul to a space you’ll never want to return. The Bass Play Effect EP is completed by 3 last vocal songs with beautifully laid vocals by Sax de Vocalist on track number 3 titled “Sisonke” Zulu name meaning “we together,” and again Sax de Vocalist collaborates with Galectic on track number 4 titled ”Vuka” which means “wake up,” and he closes the EP with the beautifully laid vocals of the Goddess herself Sandy MRD on a track titled “Goddess.”

Here’s to Caltonic SA’s Bass Play Effect EP created to give you a spirit journey to remember.

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