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Chaky Delivers Madrid Nightlife Vibes with New Single ‘Sweety’ 

Renowned producer Chaky takes listeners on a vibrant musical journey with his latest release, “Sweety.” Inspired by a memorable night at the Istar Club in Madrid during a trip with friends, this infectious track blends cultural influences and creative roots into an electrifying EDM experience.

Hailing from Naples with Tunisian origins, Chaky has always been drawn to experimenting with diverse genres while staying true to his African heritage. “Sweety” represents a deliberate exploration of his cultural background, infused with the pulsating rhythms of EDM.

With a background in piano spanning seven years, Chaky’s musical journey has been marked by a deep passion for music production and exploration. His love for EDM and its various sub-genres shines through in “Sweety,” showcasing his evolution as an artist and producer.

Experience the dynamic sounds of “Sweety” by Chaky and embark on a sonic adventure that transcends boundaries and celebrates cultural diversity.

Stream “Sweety” Below:

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