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FL$ Twice Drops Debut Single “Realise” from JunknkHauz Records 

FL$ Twice makes a powerful entry into the music scene with the release of his debut single, “Realise.” This inaugural track is part of the forthcoming mixtape titled ‘Bilingual,’ spanning genres like Drill, BoomBap, and Trap. The debut single and the upcoming mixtape are released under the newly established record label, JunknkHauz Records, founded by FL$ Twice alongside associates Grim and L’Toro.

Recorded between March and August of 2023 at Independent Records recording studio in Bucharest, Romania, “Realise” is the opening chapter of a musical journey that delves into the artist’s personal experiences and challenges. FL$ Twice reflects on his resilient spirit and journey to success despite a challenging upbringing and limited opportunities.

“The main inspiration for writing this song was my tough upbringing and the lack of opportunities that I had, but despite all of that, I still managed to grab success and claim it for myself,” shares FL$ Twice.

The mixtape ‘Bilingual’ is set to feature a total of six tracks, each offering a unique blend of musical styles, showcasing FL$ Twice’s versatility as an artist. The songs resonate with authenticity and raw emotion, providing listeners with a glimpse into the artist’s life and perspectives.

“Realise” is now available on major streaming platforms. As the flagship release from JunknkHauz Records, this debut single sets the stage for what promises to be a compelling musical journey from FL$ Twice.

Stream “Realise” Below:

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