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Haeven Returns With New Rap Single “DISSRESPECT”


Ghanaian-Nigerian rapper and singer/songwriter Haeven has made a bold statement with the release of her second single of the year, titled “DISSRESPECT”. This powerful track reflects a fearless and defiant stance, demanding respect for artists and other creatives within the music industry.

“DISSRESPECT” carries an energy and an infectious groove that is poised to captivate listeners, resonating with its unapologetic call for recognition and appreciation of creative talents. Haeven’s unwavering commitment to cut through the noise and advocate for respect within the industry is evident in this compelling musical expression.

Haeven DISSRESPECT Cover Art
Haeven DISSRESPECT Cover Art

The release of “DISSRESPECT” marks a significant moment for Haeven as she fearlessly addresses the importance of acknowledging the contributions of artists and creatives. The single is set to make a lasting impact, sparking important conversations and provoking thought about the treatment of creatives in the music industry.