I did not know Ghana-Nigeria beef was fake – Cardi B

American rapper Cardi B is still talking about her experience in Nigeria and Ghana on social media and has revealed that she did not know that the supposed beef between Ghana and Nigeria is not real.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer was in both countries over the weekend for concerts and due to poor planning and organization, the show and her stay did not go as smoothly as she had hoped.

This sparked a social media war between Nigerians and Ghanaians as Nigerians mocked Ghanaian celebrities after they were left red faced at a meet and greet session with Cardi B.

Speaking about the beef between the two countries, Cardi “Chioma” B stated that she did not know that the beef between the two rival countries was not real and likened it to the situation between the people of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“I didn’t know that the beef between Ghana and Nigeria is fake. They are just like Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico – they love each other but they fake beef with each other,” she told her Instagram fans.

She then added that she enjoyed her stay in both countries and had hoped that she had the time to stay much longer.

She said:

“But I like both countries. I wish I had more time to spend in both countries. I had fun everything.”

Check out the video below:

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