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ISO Releases Groundbreaking Single “EGWU” Mastered by Eleven-Time Grammy Winner Harbey Marin 

Renowned artist ISO unveils his latest single, “EGWU,” a groundbreaking masterpiece that promises to entertain listeners with its intense tribal rhythms, Afrobeat influences, and powerful message of unity. Mastered by the esteemed eleven-time Grammy winner Harbey Marin, “EGWU” showcases ISO’s unique blend of cultures and languages, delivering a harmonious melody that resonates with audiences worldwide.

“EGWU” is a never-before-seen musical journey that begins with a slow buildup, gradually accelerating to an explosive climax of sounds that evoke strong emotions and a sense of greatness. The meticulously crafted lyrics add depth and meaning to the track, leaving listeners craving for more.

Featuring Determination World Wide, “EGWU” represents a spectacular fusion of three cultures and two continents. Drawing inspiration from Latin and African rhythms, the song seamlessly integrates three languages, delivering a powerful message of peace in times of turmoil.

With its dynamic composition and infectious rhythms, “EGWU” is set to make waves in the music industry, offering listeners an unforgettable auditory experience that encourages them to “Set the City on Fire.”

“EGWU” is now available on all major streaming

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