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Iyke Parker and Leonardoddj Release New Single “Pain And Pleasure” Featuring 99phaces 

Iyke Parker and Leonardoddj have announced their latest single, “Pain And Pleasure,” featuring Ghanaian music collective 99phaces out tomorrow. The song, which is part of their upcoming joint project, showcases a captivating blend of house-themed music, characterized by an infectious chorus and a catchy bridge that embodies the vibrant essence of summer.

With the inclusion of verses from Anabel Rose and Freddie Gambini, the single encourages listeners to unwind and destress after enduring challenging and tiresome months. Produced by Iyke Parker, “Pain and Pleasure” has been hailed as a summer anthem, reflecting the duo’s commitment to delivering engaging and resonant musical experiences.

Pain and Pleasure Artwork
Pain and Pleasure Artwork

The release of this single marks a significant milestone for Iyke Parker and Leonardoddj as they continue to make their mark in the music industry. The collaboration with 99phaces adds a unique dimension to the song, further enhancing its appeal to a diverse audience.

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