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Jaye IV Drops Electrifying New Single “GoodThing BadTiming” 

Emerging hip-hop and Afro-fusion sensation Jaye IV has just released his latest single, “GoodThing BadTiming,” marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning music career.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, Jaye IV is a fresh and attentive rapper who is passionate about the art of storytelling and the business of music. Drawing influence from hip-hop moguls of the 2000s and various cultural elements of Afrobeat and its sub-genres, Jaye IV brings a refreshing perspective to the music scene.

An alumnus of London’s prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Jaye IV honed his craft in creative music performance and music business classes, further solidifying his skills and knowledge in the industry. He describes his music as an evolutionary tool, embracing both revolutionary approaches and innovative moves.

“GoodThing BadTiming” is a dynamic Afrofusion track that seamlessly blends dancehall rhythms, Afrobeat melodies, and Jaye IV’s distinct hip-hop cadence. The song sets a vibrant mood, characterized by uplifting synth and electric guitar riffs that resonate with listeners.

In the song, Jaye IV effortlessly expresses himself through insightful lyrics, exploring themes of seizing the moment and navigating life’s uncertainties. Collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Dammie, known for his work with acclaimed artists like Davido, Jaye IV delivers a compelling fusion of hip-hop-induced afrobeats.

This release marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Jaye IV and his team, UncommonGrounds, with several single rollouts scheduled throughout the year. With “GoodThing BadTiming,” Jaye IV invites listeners to join him on a musical adventure filled with energy, emotion, and authenticity.


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