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jst sako exhibits new street, sweet sounds with debut ep, “1five20” 

As a retrospect of where his musical journey was born, Jst Sako brings you into his world through the release of his creative masterpiece, a 4 track EP titled “1Five20.”
Filled with sensational vocal performances and symphonic instrument arrangements met with the sound of the South African streets’ Amapiano log drum, Jst Sako drops his debut EP, “1Five20” which promises to bring a lot of heat to your summer playlists!

The 4-track project is an unparalleled art of great storytelling through heartfelt melodies and it is so-called, “1Five20,” named after the area code of Ekurhuleni’s township, Daveyton, which is where he grew up.

The E.P expresses the four pillars that Sako stands for… love, faith, creativity and reconciliation. This is expressed quite impressively from track 1 to 4, giving the listener an experience of his total vulnerability through song.

The first track, “Nguye Lo” is a ballad set alight by a strong message of love and lyrical reassurances made over the well-collaborated fusion of Afro-pop, Amapiano and Soul. Sako has deemed it to be the perfect song for couples who have conquered many obstacles to remain strong in unity and eventually step in the name of matrimonial celebration towards the alter.

“Yintoni” is a song where Sako revisits a case of heartbreak, betrayal and uncertainty in life’s never-ending journey to acquire true love. The song sees the listener dancing to Sako’s pain as he relives a moment that brings us closer to his experiences in the game of love.

As we proceed to the third track, “Mporoma,” this is a street anthem penned for the summer playlist, a song that acknowledges the dance culture of Africa and affirms the fever of this Amapiano era.

An anchor to the project, “Khuleka,” speaks of Sako’s faith as he has embarked on a journey to realize his musical ambitions. With a combination of gospel, rap, orchestral instruments and the famous Yano log drum, Khuleka is written to elevate your spirit and warm your soul as you hustle to make a difference in your life and the lives of those close to you.

Stream/ download ‘1Five20’ on your preferred music service:

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