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Kaya Godfrey Unveils New Modern Afropop Single “Toksik”

Kaya Godfrey, is bringing a fresh new vibe to the Afropop scene with his latest single “Toksik.”
With a unique blend of English, Turkish, and South Sudanese Arabic, Kaya masterfully fuses these languages to create a new wave of modern Afropop music.

His artistic journey spans multiple disciplines as a singer, actor, model, and dancer. Before embarking on his singing career, Kaya worked with big artists like Burna Boy, Annetta, and Anne Leigh. He also acted in movies and series such as “Üç Günlük Dünya,” “Duran,” and “Aynen Aynen,” and modeled for major brands like Nike and Adidas. Kaya draws inspiration from the beauty of both traditional and modern cultures, aiming to create a sound that harmonizes Middle Eastern (Turkish or Anatolian) influences with Afrobeats, bringing a fresh perspective to the Turkish and global music industries.

“Good music comes from the heart, not the mind,” says Kaya Godfrey, who also goes by Kayafra.

His latest single “Toksik” perfectly embodies Kaya’s signature style. The song delves into the ups and downs of an on-again, off-again relationship over a hoppy, bouncy rhythm that’ll have you swinging in no time. The lyrics show off Kaya’s creative writing, with a catchy hook guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Rounded out by solid instrumentation, “Toksik” was recorded at Raadrecords Studio in Istanbul and produced by the talented Yemen-German singer/producer Abdu B.

With his multicultural background and musical versatility, Kaya Godfrey is bringing a unique touch to the Afropop genre. “Toksik” is a taste of his artistic expression. Stream it now on all streaming platforms, add it to your playlists, and share it around!

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