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KIM of Diamonds releases her highly anticipated EP “Summer Of Diamonds” 

Award-winning Malawian singer-songwriter, KIM of Diamonds finally relieves her hiatus announcing the release of her highly anticipated EP titled, “Summer Of Diamonds”. The new music project comes forward as KIM’s second official EP and sets the artist apart from her usual relation of R&B sounds like that from her last project, “With Love from Malawi”, which was released last year.

Produced by the talented Ckay Producer (Malawi), the 5 track EP combines a blend of up-tempo, Afro-fusion songs with groundbreaking elements of original Afro-pop and R&B styles.

“Did I Stutter when I told you that I love ya?” She sings after being Mad about being caught off guard by feelings for a love interest. In A Million, she explores the possibility of rescuing someone from a terrible relationship by declaring there are a million ways to love them better than their current love interest. About things she would say to her younger self, No Need weaves through a conversation about not giving in to peer pressure regardless of what age you are, there’s no need to rush. Typically, fairy tales have Prince Charming coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress, however, the roles are reversed in Slay Dragons with KIM of Diamonds singing about being there for someone who is in the pursuit of their dreams and passions against all odds.

Born Kimberley Kaunda, and known professionally by her stage name KIM of Diamonds is a Lilongwe-based singer and songwriter, and one of the many dynamic female creatives and voices of the Malawian music industry. Having developed her love for singing and songwriting around the age of 10, her music blends genres of Soul, R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Acoustic.

Quite eloquently known for her charming, soft-spoken, soulful vocals make her songs such a pleasure and vibe to listen to. To date, she’s been known for delivering hits such as “U & Me”, “Be Something”, “Bad Company”, and “Heart Go”, among others… Making her a ‘gem’ to stand out, putting her on the platform of artists to look out for on the urban scene.

Other lists of projects also include the albums “Freedom” released in 2015, “The Revolution” released in 2016, and 2018’s self-titled album, “KIM of Diamonds”, all of which are now available on major online music stores iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, and CD Baby.

Check out and stream “Summer Of Diamonds” EP:

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