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Lorna Maseko shares her journey from a ballerina to a celeb chef 

Self-taught celeb chef, Lorna Maseko, has had an extremely fruitful year thus far. Cooking is her passion and her passion has turned into a pretty lucrative career.Lorna started off as one of Mzansi’s first black ballerinas but became one of the country’s most popular presenters as well as a celeb chef. She is a total boss babe. knows how Lorna’s culinary dream has taken off. Lorna has been flown all over the world to be a part of some of the most prestigious events.Lorna also recently completed her very first cookbook, Celebrate with Lorna Maseko, which will be going on sale soon.Sharing her journey, Lorna explained that cooking to her was a lot like dancing as you need to practice to make things perfect, so it came very naturally to her.Being a self-taught chef has not limited Lorna as she believes that we live in a day and age where practical experience is way more valuable than a qualification.Lorna has faced many obstacles in her journey which have moulded her into the chef she is today. To Lorna, cooking is so much more than recipes, ingredients and eating; it’s a spiritual experience.Having travelled all over the globe since the ripe age of 16, Lorna was able to taste many different dishes, widening her palate and making her capable of creating dishes with mixed influence.Lorna is all about whole usage of ingredients. She learnt to use all parts of animals, veg, fruit and other ingredients through her travels, and it changed the way she thought about food.

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