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Meet Tony Igy, composer of the famous music for dancing pallbearers

The artiste who composed an instrumental that has served as music for the viral pallbearers’ vidoes has been discovered.

According to Last FM, Anton Igumnov is known to the public as the project’s creator Tony Igy, the author of the acclaimed hit ‘ Astronomia’ which blew the Russian Internet space, and eventually gained worldwide popularity.​

Anton was born on June 6, 1985, in Russia, Kamensk – Shakhtinsky, Rostov region.

In March 2010, Tony released on one of the sites his track Astronomia.

He also scored an unexpected popularity in the whole of Russia, in the countries of the CIS, and now in the whole world. By the middle of 2010, Astronomia was on the leading radio stations of Russia.

Then it began to play on radio stations in the other countries.

The new wave of viral videos have hit the internet across Africa with some Africans creating new memes out of them.

These viral videos are displays by Ghana’s dancing pallbearers who have become very popular.

These pallbearers help mourners say goodbye to their loved ones with energetic dances moves with the coffins on their shoulders.

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