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Moozlie Slams Woolworths on twitter For Cancelling SA Music from Its Playlists` 

Moozlie Goes On A Rant on social media Slamming Woolworths For excluding SA Music from Its Playlists.
Moozile who happens to be a South African Rapper and an independent artist,has expressed her views on the issue of woolworths pulling out all SA music from it’s playlist.

Ginger trill was first to go hard on woolworths via his social media account, expressing huge disappointment in the decision of woolworths pulling out all SA music from it’s playlists, as he claim it will affect independent artists.

He was supported by independent artiste, Toya Delayze who revealed how much it would affect artistes like her and lead them to big label slavery. Moozlie, also an independent artiste, had many words to say about it, and so did DJ Ganyani and more.

Moozlie joined by advising artists to try and push on their and went on to slam woolies

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for the organizations we have in place to look after & protect the interests of artists in our country but I think it’s high time we start sharing information with not only more artists but consumers too.

“You don’t need a record deal to be registered at RISA. You don’t need a “plug” to know what CAPASSO is. You don’t need a manager to make sure you get your royalties from SAMPRA. And there are more I can mention but essentially… Artist, the power is in your hands,” she Advised.

Moozlie then emphasized on how woolies is playing part in setting back artists and that they have no respect for SA art.

“No one is saying @woolworths_sa is breaking any laws by not playing local music to avoid playing royalties (which is actually a damn shame if we’re being honest) but let’s just be honest, THAT IS BIG CAP‼️ #PlayOurMusicWoolies.

“The worst part are the people who make these decisions then hide behind “brand” and “corporate”. Please spare us! You’re a human being taking money out of another human’s pocket. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” she added.

Woolworths hasn’t replies yet to the rage of the artists who even created a #PlayOurMusic hash tag.

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