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Mr. Tz Pays Tribute to Mothers in Breathtaking Afrobeat Single, “Overdose” 

Acclaimed artist Mr. Tz is set to release a captivating new single, “Overdose,” a heartfelt Afrobeat anthem that pays homage to mothers while showcasing Mr.Tz’s exceptional vocal prowess and the rich infusion of Bongo Flava and Afrobeat vibes.

The first verse of “Overdose” is a sincere tribute to the irreplaceable role of mothers, celebrating their strength, love, and unwavering support. Mr.Tz seamlessly weaves gratitude and admiration into the lyrics, creating a powerful ode to the women who play an integral part in shaping our lives.

The Afrobeat-infused melody, produced by the talented E-Tune, adds a dynamic and infectious rhythm to “Overdose.” Mr.Tz’s captivating vocals ride the waves of the music, creating a sonic experience that is both uplifting and dance-worthy. The track is a testament to Mr.Tz’s ability to blend genres seamlessly, offering a unique and refreshing sound to listeners.

In addition to the musical brilliance, “Overdose” is accompanied by a visually stunning lyric video that enhances the narrative of the song. Directed by Rio Montana, and featuring the dancer Sarz, the video promises to be a cinematic masterpiece, bringing the lyrics to life. An official music video with vivid storytelling and striking visuals is coming soon.

Mr.Tz invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to join him on this emotional and rhythmic journey with “Overdose.” The single will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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