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Mrr Richy finds clarity of thought in new single ‘Peace of Mind’ 

Mrr Richy’s latest release has him channeling his pain into a catchy tale of resilience and healing. This easygoing track is produced by Samsney and enhanced by Klasikbeatz both of whom make it a joy to keep on replay.

‘Peace of Mind’ presents a good dose of inspiration and a poignant narrative that will deeply resonate with audiences. These bright spots marry to serve as a moment of reflection for Mrr Richy and his fans, sweetly manifesting through lyrics that encapsulate memories and future ambition.

Mrr Richy Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Each line Mrr Richy delivers touches on an aspect of his struggle. They gently draw him to find solace in the final words of his late mother: “Mama told me ansa na ɔkɔ. S3 will make it/Now we making movies,” driving home a powerful anthem for anyone dealing with loss. Speaking more about the song, Mrr Richy revealed it came from a difficult place. He said, “This song is a bit personal. It depicts a phase I went through and I’m still going through. Thankfully, I learned to turn my pains into melodies and ‘Peace of Mind’ is one of them. I made this for my mum. She inspired it. May her soul rest in perfect peace.”

With singles like ‘Mind Game’ and ‘Lolo’ providing a satisfying glimpse of what he can do, fans need no introduction to Mrr Richy. But in case you do, the singer is a talented star in the Ghanaian music scene. Growing up, his love for drumming eventually led him to develop a voice tailor-made for Afrobeats. Since then, he has been hard at work trying to win fans over and ‘Peace of Mind’ might be the song to make you his biggest fan.

‘Peace of Mind’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here

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