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Multitalented Artist Marcel Mendoza Releases “Apretatita,” A Bilingual Banger Fusing Caribbean Vibes And Urban Beats 

Marcel Mendoza, the versatile artist known for his acting roles on popular TV shows, has just dropped his debut single, “Apretatita.” The track is a captivating bilingual fusion of styles that combine the sun-soaked vibes of the Caribbean with the rhythmic beats of urban music. “Apretatita” is poised to set the airwaves on fire with its unique blend of dance, Latin urban, and dancehall, delivering a fresh sound that resonates with both new and seasoned music lovers.

Drawing inspiration from his diverse cultural heritage, Marcel Mendoza has successfully crafted a musical masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic “Rica y Apretadita” by El General. He artfully reimagines the classic tune, bringing it into the modern era while preserving the essence of the original. The result is a dynamic and catchy hit that bridges generations, languages, and cultures.

“’I chose apretadita as my first single because I believe it best showcases what I am capable of doing as an artist” Marcel later went on to say “I have such a diverse multicultural background and I felt like this was the perfect blend of genres that I will cover for upcoming songs..”

Marcel Mendoza has a strong passion for music and has experience as a singer/songwriter with a unique voice and style. At the age of sixteen, he wrote and recorded his first international Pop/EDM song, “Impossible,” in collaboration with Portuguese DJ Duo Club Banditz, which soared to the number two spot on the charts in Portugal. This early success catapulted him onto the stage of the “Sun City Music Festival” in El Paso, Texas, where he performed his original song in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans.

With his diverse musical influences and the success of his previous work, Mendoza is now gearing up to release a new EP that promises to embrace a variety of genres, including Latin Urbano, R&B, and Pop. This exciting project reflects his evolution as an artist and a commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries.

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