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No Good Therapy Drops “America Don’t Send Me Back” 

Seattle-based duo No Good Therapy presents their latest release, “America Don’t Send Me Back” This dynamic track reflects their unique perspective on life events, blending Beezie 2000’s beats with Sr. Ramos’s mic skills into a seamless fusion of Hip Hop excellence.

“America Don’t Send Me Back” serves as a bold political statement, offering a candid view of the landscape of modern-day America. As seasoned performers with years of collaboration under their belt, No Good Therapy brings a refreshing authenticity to the rap scene.

The infectious hook sets the tone for the track, drawing listeners in with its undeniable energy. From the moment the first verse kicks in, the song hits hard, delivering powerful lyrics that resonate with precision. Throughout the track, No Good Therapy showcases their creativity, seamlessly weaving together thought-provoking lyricism and masterful production.

“America Don’t Send Me Back” is a testament to the duo’s commitment to addressing pressing societal issues through their music.


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