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Osa Zele Join Forces With Alpha P For ‘Where She Go’

Osa Zele

Rising Rap star, Osa Zelé has teamed up with Afrobeats icon Alpha P on his hit new single, ‘Where She Go’. This genre-bending track fuses Osa Zelé’s melodic energy with Afrobeats, creating a summer anthem guaranteed to smash dance floors.

Crafted by Grammy-nominated producer, Nabeyin (Travis Scott and Kanye West), ‘Where She Go’ embodies a feel-good vibe while telling the bittersweet story of a summer fling gone wrong. Despite the narrative, the catchy hook and energetic beats will have listeners on their feet and dancing. The effortless chemistry between Osa Zelé and Alpha P’s verses also adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the ears keeping you engaged and making ‘Where She Go’ THE summer hit.

Osa Zele - Rapper
Osa Zele – Rapper

When asked about the process behind this single, Osa Zelé shares, “It was fun to do this record because I am Nigerian and I pay attention to the culture and the rise of Afrobeats. Every now and then I look forward to tapping into that vibe. I heard that Alpha P is also from Benin City, so I felt like it made sense to collaborate with him, considering that’s where my family hails from. I claim home even though I was born and raised in Denver and one thing about Culture, it travels.”

Osa Zelé has been consistently making waves in music since 2022. He started in the underground scene and began to gain popularity on platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube. He garnered a following with releases such as ‘Time Bomb’ and ‘Tell Me’, and his breakout hit ‘Through The Ether’ which propelled him into the spotlight gathering over 2 million views and over 5 thousand Shazams. His new EP, ‘The Evolution’, features Grammy award-winning producer Leriq, alongside Grammy-nominated producers Nabeyin and Major Seven.

‘Where She Go’ is Osa Zelé’s first Afrobeats record and 8th release this year, showcasing his relentless work ethic and passion for music. He eagerly anticipates sharing even more music and leaving a lasting mark on the music industry. Stay tuned to experience firsthand what Osa Zelé has in store! Listen on all platforms here