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Oxii Moron & Lotus Thusi Release New Single Titled, ‘Till It’s Over’ 

Oxii Moron joins forces with fellow rising talent, Lotus Thusi to offer ‘Till It’s Over’. The song is a perfect indication of both the artists’ growth. The artists interchange within the song, showing off their chemistry.

Oxii Moron expresses how he is tired of the back and forth with a partner, and tells her that she should choose to move on rather than prolong the relationship.

The message between both the artists expresses how being in such a relationship can take a toll on one, but instead of disappointing the other person, they choose to stand ‘Tall’ and ‘Prideful’. Furthermore, Lotus Thusi speaks from the perspective of the women expressing that words aren’t as effective as actions because she expects him to be back.

This is a story between two young lovers, where one feels that they are over the relationship and the other feels that what is being said is just an excuse. The single is relatable to those in relationships that have ongoing back and forth.

Till It’s Over‘ is out now: Stream Here

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