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Pizzlemovement Is Out With A Banging Street Anthem “Sabina” Ft Pheropizzle

Emerging Nigerian music collective Pizzlemovement is out with a brand new single titled ‘Sabina’.

Pizzlemovement is a social club of young multi-disciplinary creatives in Nigeria. The collective which has been active since 2017 was started by Pheropizzle and some friends of his who had the same passion for music, lifestyle, fashion and partying.

Since its initiation, the group has evolved and its primary focus is not just centered around music. Pizzlemovement has transitioned into a social club of young creatives and visionary youth who share a lot of similar interests. The members of Pizzlemovement are known for their resilience and ambition and their slogan

—“They said we could not do it but we did it anyways”—is an embodiment of this.

Sabina is terminology coined by Pizzlemovement that refers to the normalcy of fun and party life. It basically translates to “you already know”. Sabina was produced by Martee, one of Pizzlemovement’s in-house producers and engineered by Hyphennga.

On the Afropop/Afro-swing song, Pheropizzle cruises on the groovy backdrop, delivering quotable lyrics and relatable rhymes in Pidgin and Yoruba certain to bring rave and life to any party.
Stream ‘Sabina’ by PheroPizzle below:




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