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Prepared with love, AratheJay dispenses “Finding Nimo Series: The Capsule” EP to the world


AratheJay is emerging as a pivotal figure in the Afropop scene, firmly establishing himself not only as a dominant force in the genre but also as a leading talent from Ghana. His latest EP is poised to be a standout “album” of the summer, capturing the essence of contemporary African music with a distinctive flair that sets him apart. Listen here:

The project showcases AratheJay’s remarkable versatility and talent through a diverse array of tracks. Infused with a blend of mid-tempo rhythms, the EP strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody, captivating listeners with an enchanting auditory experience. It pays homage to Ghanaian musical traditions with elements of Highlife, adding a profound cultural layer to the EP. Additionally, AratheJay demonstrates his lyrical prowess through rap, skillfully blending different musical styles to create a cohesive and compelling narrative.

“The Capsule,” which serves as the first chapter of the “Finding Nimo” series, boasts stellar production credits from DJ Breezy, Signal (from Nigeria), RankingMadeIt, JoeyOntheTrack, Nvrhcos, Afrolektra, and BillyDray, with mixing and mastering expertly handled by RankingMadeIt and 7th Romahn. The EP was executively produced by Almighty Entertainment. The features are meticulously chosen to enhance the album’s vibe, with artists like Aema and B4Bonnah delivering standout performances that seamlessly blend with AratheJay’s distinctive musical style.

One of the EP’s standout tracks is ‘C’est La Vie,’ an upbeat Amapiano anthem that embodies the vibrant and energetic spirit of the genre. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, this track is poised to become a favourite this summer, encouraging listeners to embrace the moment and enjoy the rhythm of life.

In total, AratheJay delivers a sublime 9-track project that is bound to have listeners hitting replay. Each track is meticulously crafted to offer a fresh and dynamic listening experience, showcasing his potential to lead the Afropop/Afrobeats scene. This EP not only solidifies his status as a rising star from Ghana but also marks a significant milestone in his musical journey, hinting at even greater achievements to come.