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Puppatiya joins Kan-Garoo to launch solo career with new single titled, ‘Distance.’ 

Puppatiya, an Afro-pop artist, collaborates with Kan-Garoo to launch his solo music career with “Distance.”

Puppatiya, a Nigerian pop singer, music producer, and performer born Heskey Nwadike, takes the bold step of releasing his debut single after years of working behind the scenes producing for the likes of Dandizzy, Kaestyle, and Kemuel.

‘Distance,’ a groovy single with Afrocentric melodies to capture Puppatiya’s mood, is afrowing with essential pop elements. In an attempt to bridge the gap between them, he could be heard singing to his lover.

Puppatiya brings new life to the music by absorbing his experiences as a young talent hustling through the industry.

Stream “Distance.”

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