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Renowned Future Soul Producer RZN8R Releases World Dance Remix Album “VXN” 

Renowned future soul producer RZN8R, originally hailing from Oakland and currently residing in Brooklyn, is set to release his highly anticipated album titled “VXN.” The album, a blend of world dance remixes, explores diverse genres and reimagines top songs by women through reworking rhythms and sounds from around the world.

“VXN” effortlessly navigates a spectrum of genres, including amapiano, soul house, baile funk/funk carioca, afro house, garage house, afro beats, jersey club, and tech house. Drawing inspiration from visionaries like Aluna, Kaytranada, Fred Again, Sango, VHOOR, Deekapz, and Musa Keys, RZN8R creates a distinctive sonic journey.

“VXN” amplifies the sonic empowerment of women, transforming pop hits into a fresh auditory experience with a bass-heavy foundation for self-expression. Challenging norms in pop and diva music, RZN8R offers a rejuvenating perspective on familiar tunes, seeking new rhythms in the spaces between silences, and fostering a universal desire to move.

Throughout his life, RZN8R has been surrounded by strong women. From his alternative health practitioner mother, UX designer best friend, to his actress/social media girlfriend, RZN8R is immersed in a world where women claim their truth and power. He sought to tap into that power and rework well-known songs into his own sonic expression.

Drawing inspiration from global tours with the Pacific Boychoir Academy to countries like Brazil, South Africa, and the UAE, and years in the Bay Area and Brooklyn warehouse scene, RZN8R infuses “VXN” with a passion for world rhythms and a profound connection to music at a cellular level.

Known for his laid-back, soul-infused grooves, RZN8R takes a daring leap with “VXN,” elevating the tempo and delivering a bass-heavy soundscape. The album signals a departure from his previous work, showcasing a dynamic and energetic new direction.

The “VXN” Remix album is set to be a groundbreaking release, discovering a new intersection between pop and world dance music. Get ready to embark on a global sonic journey.



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