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Rising Kenyan Dancehall Artist Elly Wee Releases Much-Awaited Single ‘What A Bye’ 

Rising Kenyan dancehall sensation Elly Wee is set to release his highly anticipated single “What A Bye”. Following the success of his previous hit “Guh Dung,” which was warmly received by fans, Elly Wee’s latest track promises to captivate audiences with its powerful reggae vibe and heartfelt storytelling.

“What A Bye” is a compelling reggae breakup anthem produced by Petrooz at Substation Studio. The song delves deep into the heartache of a man who can no longer endure his partner’s infidelity. Drawing inspiration from Junior Kelly’s classic “If Love So Nice,” Elly Wee’s soulful lyrics and smooth reggae rhythms narrate the painful story of a man betrayed. Every time he leaves, his partner brings another man into their home, leading him to plead for her honesty and closure. This emotional narrative, paired with a catchy vibe, ensures that “What A Bye” will resonate deeply with listeners who have experienced love’s betrayals.

Elly Wee, a dynamic recording artist, exudes a passion for music that transcends boundaries. With a keen affinity for the infectious rhythms of dancehall and reggae, he draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical luminaries, both locally and internationally. Influences from icons like Jah Cure, Turbulence, and Sean Paul are evident in his craft, which he has honed with reverence for the genre’s legends while carving out his unique sonic identity.

Collaborating with top-tier Kenyan artists such as Adasa, Atommy Sifa, and Johnny Skani, Elly Wee has forged connections that transcend geographical borders, weaving together diverse influences to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide. His tracks, characterized by infectious rhythms and heartfelt lyricism, have found a home on major digital platforms, ensuring his music reaches fans far and wide.

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