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S J Denney Ventures into Afrobeat with New Single “Friends and Lovers” 

Singer-songwriter S J Denney is once again out with another masterpiece, “Friends and Lovers,” marking his first entry into the Afrobeat genre and scene. Denney’s newest release showcases his versatility as a musician as well.

At an early age, S J Denney discovered his passion for music when he stumbled across vinyl copies of The Beatles’ White Album and Neil Young’s Harvest. These works ignited his love for music, which he later then became a choir boy performing across his local county. Determined to expand his musical talents, Denney decided not to limit himself to only singing, he learned to play the clarinet and later mastered other instruments, including the acoustic guitar. His journey as a musician has seen him perform in various bands, duos, and now as a solo artist, with performances spanning the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

“Friends and Lovers” represents a significant milestone in Denney’s career as he ventures into the Afrobeat scene for the first time. Reflecting on the creation process, Denney shares, “I started out by singing a chant in French. My thinking was that there are quite a few Western African countries that speak French. Once I’d sketched out the idea, I recorded a basic drum track along with 14 other percussion instruments.”

This single truly shows Denney’s exceptional talent and creativity. The song is well-produced and has a solid foundation of soft drum kicks and other rich instrumentation that can be heard throughout, all played by Denney himself with additional contributions from amazing musicians from around the world.
His vocals are exceptional, delivering his lyrics with a cool, smooth tempo.

Listeners will appreciate the song’s rich instrumentation and Denney’s skillful performance, making “Friends and Lovers” a must-add to any playlist.

“Friends and Lovers” is out and available on all major streaming platforms now. Be sure to follow S J Denney on social media to stay updated on future releases and upcoming performances.

Instagram:@s_j_denney |Facebok: sjdenney




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