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Shane Eagle ready to squash beef with AKA 

After trading shade on social media, it seems AKA and Shane Eagle are ready to bury the beef.

The pair got the streets hot under the collar with a spicy Twitter exchange last year, but it seemed to be water under the bridge when Shane rocked onto the TLs on Monday to announce that a pair of sneakers from AKA would be all it took for peace to prevail.

“Someone tell AKA to send me a pair of those Reeboks and we good. I’m a (size) UK 9,” he wrote.

AKA found the request hilarious and said he would “unblock” the rapper on Twitter.

Last year, AKA announced on the social media platform that his album, Touch My Blood, had reached gold status and he appreciated the struggles of the independent artist.

Shane eagle soon shot a tweet that read: “FOH n*gga you been signed,”  accompanied by a lot of laughing-crying emojis.

Fans thought the tweet was aimed at the Supa Mega and it didn’t take long for AKA to clap back.

The rapper replied to Shane, saying he had “created” him and Shane must watch how he talked to him.

“If you have a problem with me, please tell me. “FOH N*GGA?” … Since when?” went the first reply.

AKA went on to explain why Shane had “hurt” him with his comment.

“The worst part is, I actually like you and what you’re doing. Today you talk to me like this? Like I’m one of your f**king laatie friends? …” the thread continued.

“I know it hurts because my album came out a week ago and has already gone gold, and yours has been out for nearly a year or something and is what? … Here’s some help. A reply. Something for you to hold on to. Good luck. I hope this helps your cause.”

AKA later deleted and apologised for his comments.

Shane responded on his track Gustavo, saying the rapper shouldn’t feel threatened.

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