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Sidyson Releases New Single “I Wanna Be”

Multi-talented songwriter and composer, Sidyson, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “I Wanna Be.” Known for his eclectic style and dynamic musical range, Sidyson continues to entertain audiences with his unique blend of afrobeat, soul music, R’n’B, and mbalax.

Born in Dakar, Senegal, Sidyson’s artistic journey has taken him across the globe, from Paris to Amsterdam and back to Dakar. As an instrumentalist and guitarist, he composes his own pieces, creating a sound that is as diverse as his experiences. His new single, “I Wanna Be,” showcases his versatility and passion for music.

Sidyson is an active member of the collective “Galsen in Paris,” renowned for its rhythmic performances in Parisian subways and major venues like Cabaret Sauvage, La Bellevilloise, and New Morning. His performances have earned him a reputation as a complete artist, capable of enchanting audiences with his soulful melodies and intricate compositions.

Throughout his career, Sidyson has had the honor of opening for notable artists such as Sizzla and Movado. He has also collaborated with various artists, including Gorsafara, Lay Blue, Annabeat, Tukkiman, AdaniProd, and Doko Style, showcasing his ability to blend his sound with different musical influences seamlessly.

“I Wanna Be” is a testament to Sidyson’s musical prowess and his commitment to exploring new artistic horizons. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.