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Susan Augustt paints an intricate portrait of mental health in new single ‘Sexy Depression’ 

Renowned singer-songwriter and live performance coach, Susan Augustt has released her much anticipated single ‘Sexy Depression,’ an upbeat song that explores the intricacies of mental health and emotional vulnerability. The song illuminates Susan’s unique sound and impressive songwriting while offering listeners a raw, unfiltered and rare glimpse into her soul.

‘Sexy Depression’ was produced by TGMA-nominated producer, Sosa and mastered by US-based Dolby Atmos sound engineer, Pee GH. It explores the complexities of life and is a poignant reflection on the importance of paying attention to one’s mental health. With its catchy rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, the song delves deep into the subject of feeling unfulfilled while simultaneously touching on the importance of being able to take a breather without feeling guilty.

Susan Augustt Sexy Depression artwork
Susan Augustt Sexy Depression artwork

Prior to its release with a listening session that took place at Number 19 Accra, ‘Sexy Depression garnered widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike, earning praise for its haunting vocals, atmospheric production and thought-provoking lyrics. The song marks a bold departure for Susan Augustt, showcasing her evolution as an artist and her willingness to tackle taboo subjects with honesty and vulnerability. The release of ‘Sexy Depression’ paves the way for the numerous projects Susan Augustt hopes to put out this year and serves as evidence of her growth and evolution as an artist and songwriter.

With its poignant lyrics and captivating theme, Sexy Depression’ promises to leave listeners begging for more. Susan Augustt continues to make her mark in the music world with her soulful melodies and captivating lyrics. She is a live performance coach and performs solely live music, leaving an impressionable mark on every audience she performs for, no matter the occasion.

For more information about Susan Augustt and her music, visit: ‘Sexy Depression’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here

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