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Thesis ZA Releases “Chosi” From their Impending Debut Album, Sondela 

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The bedrock of African Culture is the invaluable virtues instilled by the rich song, dance and folk tales that define the community spirit of each tribe. Vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, Thesis ZA, a duo consisting of varsity mates Ayanda Charlie and Ondela Simakuhle, preserve a dying tradition, storing folk tales through song with their latest single, Chosi.

Through an eclectic hybrid of classical, jazz and Xhosa folk, the charming arrangement of strings, chords and enthralling vocals echoes a chorus from a traditional song sung in traditional gatherings before narrating a folk tale.

Thesis ZA Chosi

In this story, the duo meets an elder from their community who asks them about how life is going and much to his shock and dismay, the pair unpacks the magnitude of struggles they continue to experience as black folk. Despite these struggles, they urge themselves and their people to press on and strive until they prosper.

Thesis ZA is set to release a full-length, self-produced body of work, Sondela, to solidify its artistic perspective. Through their melodic boast of skillful musical composition and thoughtful songwriting skills, their decade-long journey into self-discovery has just etched into a pivotal benchmark where they are ready to investigate the entirety of their identity and language.

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