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Time To ‘Activate’ With Rebbel Ashes’ New Song

Belgium-based Ghanaian Afrobeats singer Rebbel Ashes has lit up the music scene with the release of his latest single, “Activate.” The thrilling new track is a classic groovy banger characteristic of the artiste’s recent releases.

With simple yet catchy lyrics, Rebel Ashes rides the pulsating Afrobeats instrumentals and sets the tone for a perfect party song. His infectious energy is easily felt on the new song as he engraves his rapturous personality on the song.

On “Activate,” Rebbel Ashes highlights themes such as enjoying life, being calculative, and celebrating life’s many wins. This new song resonates deeply with his audience, striking a chord that transcends the Afrobeats genre and extends beyond the contemporary Ghanaian music space.

Coming on the back of songs like “Good Morning,” “Medi Sika” and “Obolobo,” the latest addition, “Activate,” showcases Rebbel Ashes’ commitment to authenticity and creativity. Offering bold supersonic experiences, that is both captivating, empowering, and sometimes outrightly mind-boggling, Rebbel Ashes’ unapologetic approach to song making has earned acclaim from fans and critics alike.

“Activate,” was produced by the super talented Knii Lantɛi. For anyone seeking to journey into the world of contemporary sounds with sometimes unhackneyed themes, this is the right place.

“This is an activation,” so start by streaming “Activate” by Rebbel Ashes on all digital streaming platforms here