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Tommie Sox Collaborates with Idd Aziz on “Mbili” 

Tommie Sox unveils his latest track “Mbili,” featuring the sensational vocals of Idd Aziz. This collaboration marks a milestone moment for both artists, culminating in a dynamic fusion of AfroHouse beats and soulful melodies.

The genesis of this collaboration dates back three years ago when Tommie Sox first encountered Idd Aziz’s music in Ecuador while curating a DJ set for Selina in Quito. Pulled in by the refreshing sound of Idd Aziz’s track “Ni WeWe,” Tommie Sox harbored a desire to collaborate with him ever since. Over the past three years, Tommie Sox immersed himself in the AfroHouse genre, attending various events and honing his craft.

Finally, seizing the opportunity, Tommie Sox reached out to Idd Aziz a few weeks before his birthday, expressing his vision to feature him on a track and release it as a birthday gift. The result of their collaboration is “Mbili” – a testament to their creative synergy and shared passion for music.

Hailing from Kenya, Idd Aziz is on a mission to become one of the most empowered and awakened male vocalists in the industry. His musical journey began at the age of 13, and by 15, he was touring the world, showcasing his talent and spreading positive vibes. Inspired by his father, Idd Aziz channels his passion for music into inspiring positive change and awakening through his performances. Drawing influence from artists like Lokua Kanza, Youssou N’Dour, and Ismael Lo, Idd Aziz’s musical style transcends boundaries, blending world sounds with deep African roots to create Afro-fusion music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Now based in Trondheim, Norway, Idd Aziz is poised to share his knowledge and talents with aspiring musicians, fostering a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to conscious music.

With “Mbili,” Tommie Sox and Idd Aziz invite listeners on a musical journey infused with AfroHouse beats, soulful vocals, and cultural richness. As Tommie Sox continues to make waves in the AfroHouse scene, “Mbili” is a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries and creating innovative sounds.

 “Mbili” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Stream Below:

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