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UMG Secures Majority Ownership Of Mavin Global

Universal Music Group (UMG) has recently acquired a majority stake in the renowned Afrobeats label Mavin. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment for both companies and has the potential to reshape the landscape of Afrobeats music on a global scale.

Mavin, founded by the illustrious Nigerian producer and entrepreneur Don Jazzy in 2012, has been a driving force behind the explosive growth of Afrobeats, consistently churning out chart-topping hits and nurturing some of the genre’s biggest stars. With a roster that includes talented artists like Rema, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Boy Spyce,Bayanni, Magixx, Crayon, Jonny Drille and Lifesize Teddy.

UMG, a powerhouse in the music industry with a diverse array of artists spanning various genres, has now cemented its presence in the Afrobeats market by securing majority ownership of Mavin. This strategic alliance not only expands UMG’s reach in Africa but also grants them access to Mavin’s exceptional talent pool and resources, positioning them for even greater success on the global stage.

The collaboration between UMG and Mavin underscores the growing influence of Afrobeats music worldwide. With its infectious rhythms, captivating melodies, and rich cultural heritage, Afrobeats has captivated audiences around the globe and continues to break barriers and push boundaries.

This partnership is a game-changer for the global music industry, as it opens up new avenues for collaboration and cross-cultural exchange between African artists and their international counterparts. It highlights the immense potential of Afrobeats as a genre that transcends borders and unites people from diverse backgrounds through the universal language of music.

As fans eagerly anticipate the fruits of this partnership, one thing is certain: the future of Afrobeats music is brighter than ever. With UMG’s global reach and Mavin’s exceptional talent, we can expect to see groundbreaking music, innovative collaborations, and unforgettable performances that will continue to shape the sound of tomorrow.