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Walboomers Music and Phoenix Entertainment LLC announce strategic collaboration to empower emerging Afro artists

Walboomers Music

Walboomers Music, an esteemed international independent record label known for its pioneering work in promoting R&B/Hip-Hop, Caribbean/Tropical and Afro/World genres, and Phoenix Entertainment LLC, a dynamic force in the music industry with a strong presence in Ghana and the United States, are thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at empowering emerging Afro artists.

Both organizations are excited about the potential of this collaboration to enhance the visibility and success of emerging Afro artists on a global scale. The collaboration includes long-term agreement, ensuring sustained support and development, with tailored agreements for each project to meet specific needs, thereby enhancing customization and focus.

This partnership underscores the shared commitment of Walboomers Music and Phoenix Entertainment to innovation, excellence, and the empowerment of emerging Afro music artists.

About Walboomers Music

Founded in 1996, Walboomers Music has been at the forefront of promoting genres such as R&B/Hip-Hop, Caribbean/Tropical, and Afro/World music. The label is based in Amsterdam and known for its unique approach to artist development, focusing on long-term relationships and creative strategies to promote music. Walboomers Music’s commitment to discovering and nurturing talent has resulted in numerous national and international hits and successful careers for artists like Sean Paul, Aventura, Eva Simons, Tearce Keaz, O’Kenneth and many others.

About Phoenix Entertainment LLC

Established in 2019, Phoenix Entertainment LLC is dedicated to fostering and promoting musical talent locally and internationally. With offices in Accra, Ghana, and Brooklyn, NY, the company offers a wide range of services, including music PR & A&R, talent management, recording, publishing & licensing, and music distribution. Phoenix Entertainment is committed to empowering artists, creating exceptional music, and transcending cultural boundaries through the universal language of music.