Watch Kabza De Small Explain How Amapiano Started

Kabza De Small narrates the emergence of Amapiano genre while on Oskido’s YouTube show named Joy Ride.Kabza who is famously known as the King of Amapiano is highly respected as one of the pioneers of the genre which is currently making waves in SA and across her border.

Speaking of how the genre started, he said:

“You know how Amapiano started? The township DJs play a song with 125 beats per minute [BPM]. Then you would find other DJ’s play the same beat at 115 BPM,” he explained, adding that they would also often make mixtapes with a slower tempo.”

“First it was remixes then Mdu came up. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how he figured out the log drum. Amapiano has always been there but he’s the one who came up with Log drum,” explained Kabza.

“These boys like experimenting, they always check out new plug in’s. So when Mdu figured it out, he ran with it. And when I got it, I jumped on the bandwagon.”

“Amapiano music is mainly Log Drum.”

Watch the full interview below:

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