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Watch The Visuals For Gyakie’s Drill Single, “Scar” featuring Rapper, Jbee

Gyakie x Scar

A few hours ago, Flip The Music signed artist Gyakie released the official music video for her hit song “SCAR,” featuring North London rapper JBEE.

This comes after the Songbird successfully took over the Apple Music Top 100 chart in Ghana, overtaking Davido for the number 1 spot for a few hours. Following that, Scar’s music video, released just a few hours ago has already garnered over 70k views on YouTube.

Gyakie-Scar artwork

The “Scar” visuals perfectly capture the creative vision of the song and showcase the incredible talent of both artists. The video starts off with Gyakie holding onto what appears to be a jersey of her lover in a dimly lit room. As soon as the beat kicks in, the scene quickly transitions to JBEE taking a stroll with his crew.

The visuals are stunning, featuring a combination of dark colours, red lights, and an intricate set design that complements the song’s upbeat tempo and perfectly captures the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. As the video progresses, JBEE is shown rapping to the beat with impressive delivery, highlighting his lyrical prowess.

One of the highlights of the video is the beautiful chemistry between Gyakie and JBEE as they come together, singing in unison and conveying the song’s message through their movements and body language. The video also features some incredible camera work, with stop-motion effects showing Gyakie and JBEE singing and dancing in perfect harmony.

Overall, Gyakie’s new video for “SCAR” is a win. It’s a perfect visual representation of the song’s themes of love, pain, and heartbreak. And with the Songbird giving everything, it’s no surprise that fans worldwide are raving about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour and check it out now!

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