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Africa Rising Music Conference Reveals Electronic Line-Up Powered by Jägermeister 

Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC) announces the eagerly anticipated electronic lineup for its ARMC By Night event, which will be powered by Jägermeister. The event will showcase some of the top and emerging electronic acts in Africa and Europe scene the event will take place at Johannesburg’s Hallmark Hotel from May 23rd to 24th, 2023.

ARMC’s by-night program has been carefully curated to include the best forthcoming talent celebrating African-influenced genres. Electronic acts will take to the stage after the conference on day two.

The ARMC By Night electronic lineup will feature some of the most exciting acts such as OKVSHO, Deep Aztec, Rose Bonica, Megatronic (UK), kMat DJ, and El Mukuka (Zambia) headlined by Boohle. Attendees can expect an unforgettable night of music, with a diverse range of genres represented, from house and techno to Amapiano and experimental electronica.

The event will feature two showcase events and a packed program of activities, including panel discussions, workshops, and live music performances. This year’s conference is set to be a vibrant and exciting celebration of African music, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and connect with industry experts.

The ARMC conference will have a diverse mix of attendees, including both local and international delegates. With a special focus on Zambia, while also highlighting the contributions of partner, The Berlin Music Commission. This partnership is set to infuse a thrilling aspect to the event and offer valuable perspectives to all attendees, in a quest to build bridges between Africa and Europe.

The electronic music scene has been on the rise globally in recent years, and Africa is no exception. With a rich cultural heritage and a growing appetite for new sounds, the continent has seen a surge in the popularity of electronic music in various genres.

According to a report by Midem, a music industry conference, electronic music is the fastest-growing genre in Africa, with a growth rate of 18% or more each year since 2018. This growth is largely driven by the younger generation, who are increasingly embracing electronic music and incorporating it into their cultural identity.

Africa’s electronic music industry is set for a promising future, thanks to its young and expanding audience, a rising number of music festivals, and access to cutting-edge technologies. The continent is on the brink of establishing itself as a key player in the worldwide electronic music scene, and the Africa Rising Music Conference is leading the way in this exciting development.

After last year’s success and support from the likes of Mixmag and Trace TV Southern Africa, the conference will once again feature key players in the electronic music space including one of Germany’s longest-running electronic music publications, Groove Mag and Association for Electronic Music.

Find out more about Africa Rising Music Conference here, and click here to get your tickets.

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