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Audiomack names Nigeria’s Omah Lay new #UpNow artist

Nigerian singer and songwriter Omah Lay has been featured by Audiomack as part of the music streaming and audio distribution platform’s #UpNow series, which was launched in April.The news comes ahead of the musician’s new EP What Have We Done, which will be released on 20 November. #UpNow is an initiative dedicated to promoting emerging artists around the world. The company says it will select a minimum of three artists across all genres to provide them with specialised marketing, editorial programming, social promotion, playlisting, custom videos and experiential events.

Omah Lay has now amassed more than 100 million streams on the music streaming platform. He is the first African artist that has been selected in the #UpNow and the second musician featured in the intitiative since it was launched. The project debuted with US rapper Rod Wave.

“Audiomack has been one of the platforms that have played a big role in my career. I will always have a love for the platform,” Omah Lay said. “The majority of my listeners are coming from this app. It’s a huge thing for me.”

Commenting on reaching 100 million streams, the musician said: “It was incredible, I’m the type of person who celebrates 100 000. When we got to 1 million I didn’t know what to do. It was such an amazing feeling to know so many people listen to me. It’s a blessing. I want to give this credit to my listeners.”

Omah Lay is touted by industry watchers as a key voice among the next generation of artists from the continent. In July, he was announced as the first artist that was featured in Apple Music’s Africa Rising series.

What Have We Done will be Omah Lay’s second album this year after Get Layd. It will be released on Warner Music Group subsidiary Atlantic Records, which the singer recently joined.

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