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Bob Em Releases New Hit Single ‘Johnie Worker’ with 3Lions Records 

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Chukwuemeka Robert, popularly known as “Bob Em,” signed to 3Lions Records, based in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria is out with his new single. Championing the frontier of entertainment evolution, he stands tall amidst the finest artists in the Nigerian music industry.

With dynamism and extraordinary talent, Bob Em pushes the limits in the ever-competitive music scene. His undying passion for beautiful melodies drives him, as he often remarks, “I didn’t choose music, music chose me.” Through his love for humanity, he uses music as a platform to share fresh narratives and shed light on the struggles of the African continent.

Bob Em’s newest project, an EP featuring the focus track “JOHNIE WALKER,” encapsulates the joyous yuletide spirit. Produced by one of Nigeria’s finest, Mastercraft, the song carries a strong message about life’s hustle and bustle, emphasizing the importance of taking time to unwind and find happiness.

“JOHNIE WALKER” is a perfect blend of danceable rhythms and Afro-beat classics, characterized by Bob Em’s melodious and evocative voice. The power-packed sound promises to keep listeners on their feet, dancing and partying all night long.

Stream, download, and enjoy Bob Em’s latest EP, and join him in spreading the word about his music.


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