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Bodiless Recruits Kobe Tresh and D. Foli on “All Graced Up”


Bodiless, The Morning Song singer, has stayed true to his word by delivering brand new music. On Friday, June 14th, he released his third single of the year titled “All Graced Up,” featuring his fellow brothers in Christ, Kobe Tresh and D. Foli.

Following the overwhelming reception of his 5th iRap verse, Bodiless decided to shower his fans with something melodic yet undeniably groovy. In crafting this song, his intention was for listeners to raise their hands in worship while still feeling the irresistible urge to dance along.

All Graced up - cover art
All Graced up – cover art

Bodiless expressed his sincere appreciation to Tresh and D. Foli for elevating the song to its current form with their remarkable talents, and he eagerly anticipates more collaborations with these gifted individuals.

When asked about his aspirations for the song, Bodiless passionately expressed, “I want it to resonate with people around the globe, transforming lives along the way. I envision individuals waking up to its empowering message and embracing it as the soundtrack of their lives because we are all graced up.” So, next time someone asks how you’re doing, simply reply, “Graced up.”

“All Graced Up” is now available on all major music platforms. Click the link below to listen and experience the uplifting vibes firsthand. Let the journey begin! https://linktr.ee/bodiless.rje

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