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Daniel Aether Delivers Lively Heartbreak Anthem with “Nightmare” 

Singer and songwriter Daniel Aether unveils his latest track, “Nightmare,” a poignant exploration of heartbreak set against an irresistible backdrop of lively drums, claps, and tribal-infused background vocals. Despite its somber theme, “Nightmare” proves to be a danceable anthem that seamlessly blends the soulful melodies and elements of artists like Omah Lay and Tyla.

Hailing from Nigeria and now residing in Scotland, Daniel Aether brings a unique blend of cultural influences to his music. With roots in pop and Afrobeats, genres that have been integral to his upbringing, Daniel Aether is known for his ability to infuse different Afrobeats sounds into his music. Recently, he has been experimenting with Afrohouse and Afroelectro, adding new dimensions to his already dynamic sound.

“Nightmare” delves into the pain and turmoil of dealing with a bad breakup, yet its vibrant instrumentation and captivating vocals create a compelling juxtaposition that draws listeners in from the first beat. Daniel Aether’s performance on the track is nothing short of exceptional, with his strong vocals, fun ad-libs, and soft harmonies adding depth and emotion to the song.

With its bouncy flow and catchy bits, “Nightmare” showcases Daniel Aether’s talent for crafting infectious melodies and delivering lyrics with lyrical depth and authenticity.

“Nightmare” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stream Below:

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