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DVK and Vikta Mirage Join Forces on New Mixtape “Murder on Waiyaki Way!” 

Kenyan artists DVK and Vikta Mirage are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated mixtape, “Murder on Waiyaki Way!” This dynamic duo, known for their hit collaborations such as “Nairobi Tofauti,” have finally come together for a full project that dives deep into the challenges within the Kenyan music industry, using the story of infamous Kenyan child serial killer Masten Wanjala as a narrative framework.

“Murder on Waiyaki Way!” is a compelling exploration of the trials and tribulations faced by artists in the Kenyan music scene. The mixtape is produced entirely in the style of boom bap, a subgenre of hip-hop that emphasizes high-level lyricism and hard-hitting production. Boom bap, which emerged in the mid-’80s and enjoyed prominence from the late ’80s to the early 2000s, continues to thrive today. With this mixtape, DVK and Vikta Mirage aim to make a significant impact on Kenyan rap and establish themselves as leading proponents of boom bap within the Kenyan and African music scenes.

A standout track on the project is “Playboys,” a comedic “love” song that humorously navigates the promiscuity of Nairobi youth over a romantic sample. The hook on “Playboys” is exceptionally well put together and seamlessly blends with the song’s energy giving it a nice swing when listening.  Be sure to stream “Playboys” and the entire mixtape to enjoy this and other remarkable tracks.

The mixtape features a music video for the track “Jacaranda Speech,” available now on YouTube. The video, shot by Skinny and edited by VFXJidu, adds a visual dimension to the powerful lyrics and production of the track.


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