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Ruffa Sampa Taps Into Amapiano With Vibrant New Single “Sweet” 

Introducing Ruffa Sampa’s new single titled, “Sweet,” a vibrant and catchy song that is sure to become your favorite on your playlists. Known for his unique fusion of the Ghanaian sound, Hiplife, Afrobeat, and South African Amapiano fused with reggae dancehall.

Ruffa Sampa, hailing from Ghana, brings a rich tapestry of sounds to his music. His style is heavily influenced by Hiplife, a genre that blends Ghana’s Indigenous highlife music with hip-hop. In addition, he fuses Afrobeat with his own style and has now tapped into South Africa’s Amapiano and made it his own by, adding a reggae dancehall touch to it. Ruffa’s versatility in music spans across other areas, such as his ability to flow and deliver in multiple languages, including English and several Ghanaian languages (Akan, Ga, Ewe), as well as Hausa, which is popular in parts of Africa including Ghana.

“Sweet” is a piece that proves Ruffa Sampa’s versatility as an artist. Upon first listening, the song features a lively, bouncy beat with amapiano influences that bring the track to life very well. Ruffa’s vocal performance on there was good and catchy, and his lyrics are both catchy and cool as well, making “Sweet” an easy and enjoyable song to listen to. The song has a playful vibe, especially in the hook, which holds the entire track together beautifully. Listeners will find themselves drawn to the infectious pace and flow of the song.

Ruffa Sampa’s music often centers around the themes of love, success, and triumph. His creative writing skills enable him to express a wide range of emotions and experiences through his songs. From the symphony of affections to the testament of success and the celebration of victories achieved through resilience and determination.

With 3 singles already out, Ruffa Sampa has already made a mark with his previous singles, including “Eshe Wobo,” “Perfect Girl,” and “Ye Hwre.” he continues to build on his impressive discography.

“Sweet” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Ruffa Sampa on social media to stay updated on his latest releases and upcoming projects.

Instagram: @ruffasampa |Facebook: @ruffasampa

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