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Empire inks deal with Made in East New York 

International distribution company and record label Empire on 28 January announced a new partnership with Made In East New York (MIENY).MIENY is a US multimedia music publishing and entertainment company, which is home to Ghanaian Afropop singer KiDi and German-born R&B singer Shane Anderson, among other artists. The deal will see the label administer the Empire’s publishing division, which was founded by Jack Knight.

The partnership is also expected to “solidify MIENY’s mission to bring their artists more revenue streams, transparency and opportunities in their music careers.”

“Jack Knight has been a friend for decades,” Empire Publishing’s Al ‘Butter’ Mclean said. “His consistency and growth from being an artist, hit-making producer, a great father to a worldwide music label and publisher is not a surprise.”

Ghana-based Lynx Entertainment says it hopes the partnership will bring the Ghanaian singer to a wider global audience.

“The three reputable companies, all stalwarts in their industries, are planning to hone in on KiDi’s talent, style, hard work and dedication to continue his growth on the Ghanaian music scene and propel his brand further into the international space,” a statement reads.

“With the effective experience of Jack Knight of Made In East New York and the Empire team, it is believed that the partnership with Lynx Entertainment will help the KiDi brand grow in leaps and bounds.”

Meanwhile, KiDi has released a remix of his 2020 hit ‘Say Cheese’ featuring new jack swing pioneer and MIENY partner Teddy Riley.

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