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Emtee Launches His Own Record Label 

This week we got our first look at what a post-Ambitiouz-career is going to look like for South African rapper Emtee and let’s just say the boy has become the man. 

After campaigning to #freeemtee for much of this year, the rapper was finally granted his wish when he left the clutches of ambitiouz entertainment  in August 2019. And now, exactly a month after his departure, the rapper has announced the first big move of his newly liberated career: Emtee took to social media to reveal that he had just launched his own record label which is aptly named: Emtee records.

Emtee wasted no time in updating all of his bios to reflect the new move, dubbing himself “Big CEO” on Twitter while also letting people know more about his upcoming plans to also grow both Emtee Records, and his collective, ATM (African Trap Movement) too. Those who have been following Emtee’s moves in recent weeks will know that he also announced that he would be spending more time growing the ATM company which extends beyond music. 

ATM originally began with three main members: Emtee, Saudi and Sjava but the collective has gone on to recruit new members in recent months. But with Emtee confirming that he’s going to launch Emtee Records, many were wondering if this meant that he would be signing ATM artists under his own label. 

The rapper confirmed that the two labels would not only be seperate but that Emtee would be the CEO of two record businesses. 

Emtee has made a lot of ground up in the last month or so since he announced his departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment. At the time he confirmed that he had left his long-time stable when he wrote, “Following a long and in-depth reflection on my career as an artist, where I am now and where I see myself in the next few years, I have made a decision that the time has come for me to now part ways with Ambitious Entertainment.” 

Do you think the new direction will reap its dividends for Emtee in the future? 

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