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Gorgeous celeb, Pearl Modiadie, dishes out some surprising diet advice 

South African television presenter, radio DJ, actress and producer, (what a mouthful!) Pearl Modiadie, recently had some advice for a fan who wanted to know what diet works the best.

We know Pearl Modiadie is drop-dead-gorgeous so there has to be some cool tip or piece of advice that she could reveal on how to look so good, right? She did, after all, give great financial advice earlier.Well, she had something to give, and the tip wasn’t what we’d expect.

According to Pearl, the best diet is heartbreak.When you think about it, she’s got a good point. How many of us have lost our appetite or felt motivated to change our diets and lifestyles after an emotional and painful breakup? The thing is tough, we rarely stick to the new training regime or sugar-free diet for long. Maybe if we did, we’d look a little like Pearl. Maybe. This doesn’t apply to everyone though – many people eat more when they’re hurt and stressed out.

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