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Hakeem Black Unveils Spooky vibes with “SpookyScarySunday” 

Brace yourself for a Halloween treat as Hakeem Black releases a single titled, “SpookyScarySunday.” This energetic jersey/drill fusion not only pays homage to an influential YouTuber and a phenomenal beatmaker but also delivers an enthralling musical experience suitable for ages 14 and above.

“SpookyScarySunday” is a creative nod to the spirit of Halloween, embracing the theme without relying on provocative language. The song cleverly weaves concepts that resonate with the audience, offering a unique and engaging experience. Hakeem Black showcases his artistic prowess by crafting a track that captures the essence of the season while encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

As an artist dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring diverse musical landscapes, Hakeem Black continues to make waves with his distinctive style.

Stream “SpookyScarySunday”


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