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JTK Unveils Infectious Afrobeat Dance and Party Anthem, ‘JO’ 

JTK, known as Josh the Killer, is out with an infectious Afrobeat song titled “JO,” a fusion of English, Nigerian English, and Yoruba Pidgin languages. In Yoruba, “JO” translates to “dance,” encapsulating the essence of the song.

“JO” is an invitation to dance and is a perfect fit for any party environment. With careful consideration given to its language, rhythm, singing, and subject matter, it is designed to captivate a broad audience, making it the ideal choice for those moments when the dance floor beckons.

This spirited track was inspired by the work of one of Nigeria’s finest rappers, Falz. It echoes his influence and presents a distinctive perspective that is all JTK’s own.

“Jo” is now available to stream on all platforms:

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