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Kenyan Artists DVK and Vikta Mirage Join Forces on New Joint “Jacaranda Speech” from the Project “Murder on Waiyaki Way!”

Kenyan rap heavyweights DVK and Vikta Mirage have teamed up once again to deliver “Jacaranda Speech,” a standout track from their new collaborative mixtape, Murder on Waiyaki Way!. This project delves into the intricacies of the Kenyan music industry while weaving a narrative around the notorious Kenyan child serial killer, Masten Wanjala.

The duo, known for their previous hits like “Nairobi Tofauti,” has come together to create a full project that highlights the challenges faced by artists in Kenya. Murder on Waiyaki Way! is a testament to their lyrical prowess and production skills, produced entirely in the boom-bap style. This subgenre of hip hop, which emerged in the mid-’80s, is celebrated for its emphasis on high-level lyricism and hard-hitting beats, and it continues to thrive in today’s music scene.

With this mixtape, DVK and Vikta Mirage aim to make a significant impact on Kenyan rap and position themselves as key figures in promoting boom bap within the Kenyan and broader African music scenes. Their collaboration brings a fresh perspective to the genre, blending contemporary issues with classic hip-hop elements.

“Jacaranda Speech,” the sixth track on the mixtape, now has an accompanying music video available on YouTube. The video, shot by Skinny and edited by VFXJidu, visually captures the essence of the song and enhances its powerful message.

DVK and Vikta Mirage invite fans and new listeners alike to experience Murder on Waiyaki Way! and witness their innovative approach to storytelling through music. The mixtape is a bold statement on the state of the Kenyan music industry and a showcase of their undeniable talent.

Watch the “Jacaranda Speech” Music Video: