Lapricaty is back with vibrant Afrobeats single ‘Busy Bodie’

Lapricaty, an Afrobeats artist, has recently released a new project titled ‘Busy Bodie’, which is already gaining popularity in the music industry. ‘Busy Bodie’ is a positive, vibrant and groove-driven song with a very unique twist. The track is a great example of producing Afrobeats music with a distinct twist, showcasing the artist’s unique style and creativity. 

One of the most noticeable features of this release is the high energy level and drive that fuels the artist’s performance. The vocals are lively and spontaneous, indicating that the performer is genuinely connecting with the lyrics. The songwriting has a deeper concept behind it, which adds weight to the mix, making it more than just a catchy tune. Lapricaty’s singing in ‘Busy Bodie’ is something special. She brings a lot of feeling to the song, making it really emotional. At the same time, the vocals also offer a very distinctive rhythmic quality that just clicks perfectly with the beat. It’s not just about the words she’s singing; her voice becomes a part of the music, fitting in perfectly with the flow of the song. It’s a true blend of heartfelt expression and a groove and it works perfectly!

Lapricaty Busy Bodie

The song’s imagery and sound brings to mind a joyful and celebratory scene. This is a track that gives the audience a sense of togetherness and a welcoming positivity that will make everyone happy when listening to this track! Every word matters and every note is loud, smooth and powerful, highlighting her ability to sing from the heart, but also showcasing her amazing experience as a singer and creator of quality music for the audience.

To sum it up, this release is not just a really good example of a passionate singer, but it is also an example of high-quality production. ‘Busy Bodie’ has a modern sound, but the production is not overdone. It retains organic and human elements, making the music lively and enjoyable. The track features a great groove and memorable lyrics that will make you want to hit the dance floor. If you are a fan of Afrobeats music, ‘Busy Bodie’ is a must-listen. Lapricaty has set the bar high with this release and it’s worth checking out their other recent releases, activities and events. 

‘Busy Bodie’ is available on all digital streaming platforms here: